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                                                                                            # 657     2018  Quailridge 44FKBH-C   13’ WIDE   2 Bedroom    Serial #            

                                                                   “Antique White” Vinyl Siding with “Dark Brown” Shutters & “Shakewood” Shingles, Walls= “Opulence” with

                                 “White Beadboard “Coastal Bay” Wainscot & “LapidusBlacksplash, “ Harmony White, Coastal Bay” Cabinets and “Romano 994”

    Linoleum (everywhere but carpeted bedrooms) “Autumn Mist” Interior Décor with Dark Brown Recliner, “Lapidus” Countertops









$ 69,801.












Comes equipped with ALL Quailridge Standard Features




                                                                                                                                                                                                               Plus $1900.00 Set up